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HTML object tag


The HTML <object> element represents a embedded object, used to embed external resources such as Java applets, flash files, PDF files, etc.


Attribute Value Description
data URL Specifies the URL to the external resource.
form ID Specifies the form(s) that the element belongs to.
height number Specifies the height of the element, default is measured in pixels.
name string Specifies the name of the element.
type type Specifies the content type for the external resource.
typemustmatch boolean Specifies if the type and the external resource content type should match.
usemap #imagemapname Specifies the image map associated with the element.
width number Specifies the width of the element, default is measured in pixels.


<object data="flashgame.swf" width="300" height="300"></object>

Example #2

<object data="flashgame.swf" width="300" height="300">
	<param name="level" value="10">