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About SEO Titles & Descriptions Tool

Checking your titles and descriptions will help search engines to properly display your pages in the search results, title and description lengths that are lower than the max lengths will help your pages rank higher in the search engines, this is good if you want to increase the number of visitors to your website, but don't forget to make sure your titles and descriptions relate to the linked pages and make sure they are not too short, aim for 5-20 characters less than the max lengths.

Some search engines will not determine the length of the title or description by characters, but instead by the width (in pixels), for example, Google will only show about 550 pixels of a title which could equal to anywhere from 70-100 characters long, we have set the max title length to 60 characters to avoid you going over the max width length.

Keywords are no longer necessary, most search engines no longer use them, instead, they determine the keywords by the content on a website page.

January 2018: Google has increased the max length the description can be to 320 characters long, most other search engines are 300 characters long.