Advanced Review System

The advanced dynamic review system can be seamlessly added to any web page, blog, product, etc. Built with JS AJAX, PHP, and MySQL.

Advanced Review System

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The list of features for this package are below:

  • Secure Review System — Advanced techniques will prevent SQL injection and other known insecurities.
  • Upload Images/Photos — Submit reviews along with uploaded images/photos.
  • Limit User Reviews — Limit users to 1 review per page. You can toggle the feature on/off via the admin panel.
  • Sort By Feature — Sort the populated reviews by newest, oldest, rating (high to low), or rating (low to high).
  • Pagination — Navigate reviews with pagination and limit the number of reviews on each page.
  • AJAX Integration — Place reviews on any web page seamlessly. Reviews are dynamically loaded with AJAX.
  • Comment Filtering — Add filters and restrict specific words.
  • Approval Feature — Approve submitted reviews via the admin panel before they are visible.
  • SCSS File — Preprocessor CSS language that makes writing CSS files more convenient.
  • Commented Code
  • Free Updates & Support
  • Admin Panel
    • Dashboard — View latest reviews and statistics
    • View, edit and delete reviews
    • Approve reviews
    • View, edit and delete filters
    • Settings


  • Apache/Nginx Web Server — We recommend XAMPP for testing on your local environment.
  • PHP >= 5.5.0 — PHP >= 7.0 is recommended for optimal performance.
  • MySQL >= 5.1 or MariaDB
  • Code Editor — PHP files can be edited with Notepad but we don't recommend it, download one of the following instead: Notepad++, Visual Studio Code, or Atom.


  1. Why am I receiving a MySQL error?
    Make sure you edit the PHP files and update the connection details, you might need to change the hostname if yours is different, and make sure you've uploaded the SQL file in phpMyAdmin.
  2. How do I download the zip file again if I've deleted it?
    The download link is in your email, if you do not have it you can contact us and we can send you another email, remember not to share your download links, these are being monitored.
  3. Reviews are not being displayed, what do I do?
    Make sure you verify your database credentials and make sure you've specified the "page_id" variable when creating a new instance of the "Reviews" class.

Change Log

Version 1.1.0 23/03/2021

  • [Added] approval functionality that prevents reviews from being visible until they're approved via the admin panel. The feature can be toggled on/off via the admin panel.
  • [Added] review filters, which you can create to restrict specific words.
  • [Updated] the stylesheet.
  • [Added] star selection when creating a new review as opposed to the basic input box.
  • [Added] the admin panel, which you can use to monitor your reviews.

Version 1.0.1 05/02/2020

  • The initial release date for the review system.