Advanced Gallery System

Showcase and organize your media files with the innovative advanced gallery system. Built with PHP, MySQL and JS.

Advanced Gallery System

Instant download link to the source code upon purchase.


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With the advanced gallery system, you can showcase your favorite media files, whether it'll be images, videos, or audio files, the system has you covered. The beautifully crafted user interface will provide a seamless experience for your visitors.

The advanced package includes innovative features and state of the art security. Integrate the system with your website seamlessly. Coding experience is ideal but not essential as we provide a user guide with all our packages.


Secure Gallery System Advanced techniques will prevent SQL injection and other known insecurities.

User Authentication Authenticated users can manage their uploaded media and create collections.

Upload Media Files The ability to upload image, video, and audio files.

Collections Create and edit your own collections.

Media Thumbnails Upload image thumbnails for video and audio files.

Sortation Sort the populated gallery by ascending, descending, A-Z, or Z-A.

Drag and Drop Zone Drag and drop media files to the drop zone on the upload page.

Media Preview Preview media files before uploading.

Like Users can like their favorite media.

Optimize Images Automatically optimize and resize uploaded images.

Alternate Media Page Gallery page with individual media pages (non-JS).

Sortation Sort the populated gallery by ascending, descending, A-Z, or Z-A.

Pagination Navigate the gallery with pagination and limit the number of media on each page.

AJAX Integration Upload media files in the background with a percentage response indicating the progress.

Approval Feature Approve media via the admin panel before they are visible.

Admin Panel View dashboard, manage media, edit settings, create categories, and more.

Responsive Design The system will automatically adapt to any screen size (desktop, mobile device, tablet device, etc).

SCSS File Preprocessor CSS language that makes writing CSS files more convenient.

Commented Code Will help you understand every aspect of the code.

Free Updates & Support No time restrictions or limited downloads.


  • Apache/Nginx Web Server — We recommend XAMPP for testing on your local environment.
  • PHP >= 5.5.0 — PHP >= 7.0 is recommended for optimal performance.
  • MySQL >= 5.6 or MariaDB
  • Code Editor — PHP files can be edited with Notepad, but we don't recommend it. Instead, install one of the following editors: Notepad++, Visual Studio Code, or Atom.


  1. How do I change the max upload file size?
    Edit the "config.php" file and update the file size variables, or you can edit the variables via the admin panel.
  2. Why are my media files not showing on the gallery page?
    Make sure you've imported the advanced SQL file and that the database variables in the configuration file reflect your MySQL database credentials. Also, the media directories (images, videos, audios) must be writable.
  3. Why am I receiving a MySQL error?
    Update the MySQL connection variables in the "config.php" file, and make sure you've uploaded the correct SQL file with phpMyAdmin.
  4. How do I download the ZIP file again if I've lost it?
    You can download the package from the receipt email that was sent to you when you purchased the package. If you no longer have this email, you can request a new one here. Do not share your download links as these are being monitored.

Change Log

Version 2.1.0 03/01/2023

  • [Added] the image manipulating functions to the admin side when creating new media.
  • [Added] description tags to the settings page for each individual setting.
  • [Added] the option to select a collection when uploaded new media.
  • [Added] SVG to PNG conversion when uploaded new SVG files.
  • [Added] the ability to autogenerate thumbnails for images.
  • [Added] a close button to the popup media dialog.

Version 2.0.0 01/11/2022

  • [Updated] the media popup dialog.
  • [Updated] the user interface and improved the design.
  • [Updated] the admin interface and added a bunch of new features.
  • [Added] search functionality.
  • [Added] media collections. Create and share collections.
  • [Added] user authentication. Users can manage their own media and create collections.
  • [Added] multiple files upload support.
  • [Added] media privacy option.
  • [Removed] media categories for collections.
  • [Removed] the dislike button to be coherent with modern apps.

Version 1.1.0 30/07/2021

  • [Added] media categories.
  • [Updated] the stylesheet and layout.
  • [Added] the like/dislike feature.
  • [Added] navigation buttons to the media pop-up dialog.
  • [Fixed] a bug when resizing an image on a responsive device.
  • [Updated] the upload page. Uploading files will now take place in the background using AJAX.
  • [Added] drag and drop to the upload page.
  • [Added] the media approval feature.
  • [Added] the admin panel, which you can use to manage media files, approve media, edit settings, and more.

Version 1.0.2 24/08/2020

  • [Updated] the CSS code.
  • [Added] thumbnails, you can now add thumbnails to video and audio files on the upload page.
  • [Added] the "type" input element, you can now view media by a specific type.
  • [Added] an alternate gallery page, the clickable media will navigate the user to the corresponding page (view.php?id=MEDIA_ID).
  • [Fixed] portrait images exceeding the pop-up window..

Version 1.0.1 12/02/2020

  • [Release] the gallery system initial release.